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Fall into place with Mele & Co. Check out our new selection of wood jewelry boxes!

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Mele & Co. 2016 Wholesale Catalog

If you like flipping catalog pages but don’t have one, please click here! Browse our wood jewelry boxes, travel pieces, music boxes, kids' ballerina boxes, jewelry armoires and more!

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Mele & Co. offers a great selection of gift ideas and jewelry storage for summer travel. – If your shelves are not stocked with these, call us today!

Does your web store showcase our current selections and pricing? – Are you receiving inventory information? Please let us know how we can help your sales be successful!

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Why Mele & Co.?

Mele & Co. has been "America's Jewelry Box" since 1912. Our brand stands for history, tradition, craftsmanship and legacy. We support our brand with outstanding customer service, rapid shipping and qualified sales expertise.

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