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Our Story Wholesale

Creating joyful experiences…for you!


Welcome to Mele & Co. where we create joyful experiences...for you and your customers! Our concept is simple—we want to create a unique and joyful experience for every customer. We are able to accomplish this by living our brand ideal every day, having a proud tight knit team to work with you, being the premier provider of jewelry boxes and being a family owned company with roots back to 1912! Our focus on all of this helps reinforce our commitment to customer service and our goal of creating a meaningful experience based around our product. Please read on to learn a little more about what makes Mele & Co. "America’s Jewelry Box"!


Our Mele & Co. brand ideal is to create joyful experiences! This experience is the unique personal moment of connection your customers feel when they receive or give a Mele & Co. It is always developed at the moment of purchase, enhanced at the moment of receipt and continued by the moments of ownership. Is your customer giving this as a sweet 16 gift? Was it a special Father’s Day gift to hold their Dad’s amazing collection of watches, a gift for a bride to hold her treasured new rings? When they opened the ballerina box on your display did you hear "I had a Mele & Co. when I was a little girl"? These are our Mele & Co. joyful experiences!


Our team is efficient and loyal—we have many employees that have worked here for many, many years. We also have a small team overseas that works with our suppliers so that we are involved in the entire process of our product development and manufacture. What does that mean for you? We know our product, we know our customers, we know our suppliers, we know how to make it work...for you! Any time you need us—please reach out to our team—we are here to help!


Mele & Co. is the premier provider of jewelry boxes with brand recognition and we stand by our products. Having the largest selection with the most types and finishes, we sell only what we know—jewelry boxes. Our large selection allows us to provide you the ability to present to your customers a variety of price points, cover all age ranges and stay within our niche of a moderately priced gift item. We are also proud to say we stand behind our products. Mele & Co. has been here for you for a very long time, and we plan on sticking around for generations to come!


Our company was founded by Emidio Mele. Emidio left Italy when he was 12 to come to America in hopes of a better life. As he matured and learned the trade of crafting designer jewelry display cases, he eventually launched our company in 1912. Our president, Raymond R. Mele, is the grandson of our founder and is the 3rd generation of the family to continue his grandfather’s legacy. We are proud to be part of an elite group of family owned companies that are over 100 years old. Our name is our brand, Mele & Co.


Our team spends countless hours deliberating details both tiny and massive to bring joy to your buyers and recipients! Some of our unique characteristics are pink designer-inspired branded gift boxes, branded logo plate, inner insert cards, upscale fabric logo bag wrappings, clean and consistent inner and outer packaging, unique and exclusive designs, accents and more! Every Mele & Co. jewelry box has several of these characteristics—and many have all. Check us out…feel our joy…be a part of our experience and let us create one for your customers. You will not be disappointed!


Now that you know our story…what’s your Mele & Co. story? What’s your customer’s jewelry box story? We have shared some of our stories here on the “My Story” tab, we hope you enjoy them. To read more, add your own or send your customer to write their story please click on "My Story" and share!

This is ‘Our Story’...what’s yours?