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Anniversary Gift

I wanted to get a really nice gift for my girlfriend to celebrate our anniversary. I knew that she had outgrown her small musical jewelry box, so I started shopping for ideas. As luck would have it, I was browsing my latest Costco flyer and found this beautiful Chelsea Jewelry Armoir from Mele and Co. It was just what I was looking for, and the reviews were outstanding. I ordered it immediately.I was concerned about the shipping because I am in California and it was being shipped from Syracuse, NY. When the package arrived, it was intact and the contents secured. After removing this beautiful piece from the packaging, I found one of the drawers punched through the back panel.I was successful in reinstalling the drawer, but not with the back panel. It will stay in place as long as the armoir is not moved. As I was polishing the armoir to get it ready to present to my girlfriend, I came across another problem. The two top drawers do not align with the other drawers. The drawer stops for the second drawer are missing, and the drawer stops for the top drawer were not installed properly.This is a beautiful piece of furniture so we want to keep it. I purchased the last one through Costco and it is no longer available.She absolutely loves it. We will just have to align the drawers when we close them.Other than that, I have a happy girlfriend. 5 Stars                  


By MeleCo on
Happy belated anniversary Rob! Armoires make a perfect gift and many women use both an armoire and a jewelry box- you can never have enough jewelry right? We are glad that your girlfriend is happy with the decision you made to give her a Mele armoire! We are sorry to hear that you had a few surprises when opening the armoire and apologize for the inconvenience it caused you. We stand behind a high level quality of every product and once the new shipment of this armoire arrives, Costco will send you a replacement armoire. We want to make sure that the armoire functions perfectly for your girlfriend. Happy Friday and thank you for sharing your story with us!