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Ava's Jewelry Box

My daughter Ava just turned 5 on 4/16/14. For her birthday she received her first Mele & Co. jewelry box. It is now her prized possession! She has it "on display" in her room. It sits on top of her dresser and she leaves it open to see everything inside. She has carefully placed her extensive jewelry collection in the box! Every evening before she goes to bed, she asks either me or her dad to wind up the box to play its song as she drifts off to sleep! Thank you for making such a beautiful product!


By jarcher on
Our musical ballerina boxes are near and dear to our hearts! We always feel like 'part of the family' when we get to hear how much one of our jewelry boxes is treasured - especially by the little ones! Thank you so much for your post - we hope Ava will cherish her jewelry box for years to come. And we're positive you will always cherish the memories it has made for all of you! - Mele & Co.