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Beautifully Vintage!

Beautiful find while thrifting. The exterior is Ivory. I simply adore the blue interior. In such Great clean condition. Just goes to show how quality can withstand many years. I would love to know what decade this hails from. Its the perfect size for me, to store my Gold, more precious pieces and watches in. With working key to lock it all up. So glad I found your site, so I can view all the other eye candy you have to offer. 


By MeleCo on
Thank you for showing us this vintage Mele jewelry box! We love hearing how these jewelry boxes are found and that they are still in great condition. We estimate that this jewelry box was made in the late 60s. We're glad you're able to store your favorite jewelry and watches inside and can even use the key to lock it all up. It's great you found our website and have looked around at the new styles we have - any questions, please let us know. Enjoy your vintage Mele jewelry box!