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The Box That Holds It All

This is Elizabeth Mele, Marketing Manager at Mele & Co. and this is “My Story.” Recently graduated from college and about to embark on a new job, I desired a new, “grown-up” place to hold my jewelry. Where better to search then my great-grandfather’s jewelry box company, Mele & Co.! Growing up in a family where jewelry boxes were abundant, I never truly took time to realize the significance of my jewelry box until now. As I examined numerous styles that day over 6 years ago, I decided on a classic look that I was sure would stand the test of time. I remember my Dad giving me the jewelry box I had chosen and can still recall the smell and feel when I first opened it. I immediately went to place my most treasured possessions inside, including a sterling silver Tiffany’s ring from my Mom and Dad I received on my 16th birthday, a gold necklace chain with green apple pendant from my Grandpa I received one Christmas Eve, and an engraved high school ring I received on Graduation Day. Opening my new jewelry box that day signified the start of a new phase in my life, one in the adult working world. Over the years, I’ve added items to my beloved leather box, from places I’ve traveled, worked, and collected as gifts from family and friends. A few of these pieces include: a copper ring from studying abroad in Chile when I earned my masters; earrings made by a silversmith in a small town of Ireland I stumbled upon while on a family trip; a leopard print watch I purchased while working at my first job out of college at Dooney & Bourke; a colorful necklace and gold bracelet from my granny that she wore in her 20s; and a brand new silver necklace from a friend with a gold initial of my future last name when I became engaged in Washington D.C. Although the pieces in my jewelry box evolve and change as time goes on, the one item that has remained the same is the stylish, classic box that carries them all. My jewelry box collects my unique stories and memories that make me who I am today. As I grow older, I look forward to the possibility of having a daughter to give a sparkling Mele ballerina jewelry box to, as she begins collecting jewelry, or a son to give a Mele watch box to, as he graduates from high school or college. I am excited to see what the next 6 years will bring into my jewelry box as I begin my next journey working at Mele & Co., the jewelry box company my great-grandfather created over 100 years ago.