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A Christmas gift from the heart

On Christmas Eve, we tucked our little ones into bed and waited for Santa. That evening, by the cookies and milk, stood a simple standard jewerly box. I had asked for one this year and was happy, none the least, that Santa had left one for me! Unbeknownst to my husband of Santa's gift, he too presented me with a large, adorably wrapped box that was tied with a bow that evening. I was so surprised because we normally agree that our love is enough of a precious gift each year.I unwrapped the box and lifted the wooden Atria jewelry box from its package. I was in awe, it was beautiful! We laughed quite hard because Santa had already left a similar gift. My husband gave the option to return the Atria but it was simply too gorgeous and I couldn't give up this sweet surprise from my husband of 9 years. We told our young daughter of the cute jewelry box story that Christmas morning and let her have the one from Santa but I know that one day, I will pass down this beautiful Mele & Co piece to her.


By MeleCo on
Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas story with us! Stories like yours is why we love what we do and it's great your daughter can now have a jewelry box too. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and have a happy New Year.