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The Dancing Doll Jewellery Box

It was my mum's birthday and I didnt have an idea what to buy her when I came across a jewellery box. Now this jewellery box was on offer and it had a dancing ballerina inside so when you opened the jewellery box the ballerina would dance and music would play. I wasn't sure if she would like it, but on the day of her birthday when I gave it to her she loved it, saying that when she was small her mum had given her one like this and she had kept it for a long time. This jewellery box just refreshed her old memories as a kid!


By MeleCo on
We're so glad to hear your story about your mom's ballerina jewelry box. We have so many people tell us how they fondly remember receiving their first music box - and some still have them! We love being part of such a special giving experience. It's why we do what we do. Thanks for sharing your story, Alina.