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Full Circle

Hello! My college boyfriend gave me a Mele Jewel box sometime in 1972 as a Christmas present. I was thrilled, and knew he meant us to be a serious couple.  Well, we were young, and no committment followed after college graduation, I moved on with my life.  However, I would not give up my most wonderful memory, my jewelry box.  All other cherished items were trashed when I got engaged in 1978.  All through my years of marriage to a second choice, I kept that jewelry box on my dresser, and told my daughters many times the story behind it.   I terminated my miserable marriage in 2011, and carried my jewelry box with me on my move to healing.  Let's fast forward to Christmas, 2014. I have been re-united with my college boyfriend for over a year now...we found each other in 2013, and have continued our life together.  This Christmas I received a new Mele Jewelry box my guy saying "old jewlery box for our past life, and a new jewel box for our new life".  I cleaned out all the old things I did not want, and placed all my jewelry in the new box this AM.  Just for kicks, before I placed the old jewel box away in the attic, I turned it over, and there it was...Mele!  Coincidence?  Don't think so...fate! Enclosed are pictures of then and now....(I was not able to upload more than one photo, but did want to show you the old box)  Thank you for this full circle!


By MeleCo on
We love that you titled your story "Full Circle" because your Mele jewelry box really did come full circle with you through your life! Sharing your stories and memories with your daughters are times that they will never forget. We only hope they enjoy a Mele jewelry box as much as you have. We wish you the best for a happy and joyous 2015! May the new year bring you a sense of excitement and peace, while you go through your adventures with your Mele jewelry box.