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Gift for My Son

My son is a coin collector and a relic/artifact Hunter. He has accumulated a large amount of coins and treasures and was in need of a storage box.  I was browsing around a pawn shop when I spotted a box with a lock on it. When I lifted the lid a drawer automatically slid out which I thought was neat. It was old but it was perfect and my son was so happy on Christmas morning when he received his present.


By MeleCo on
Your story is one that is very unique and we very much enjoyed hearing about your son and his collection of coins and treasures! Mele has been providing storage boxes with locks for this purpose for many many years and we are happy you found the perfect box for him, a vintage Mele & Co style. It looks great with all of his treasures stored and secured inside. If he should need another one or an updated version, we have a style in a dark brown color called Liza that has 60 smaller storage areas and 9 larger areas for additional items. We hope your son enjoys his Mele box for many years!