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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After Several months ago, a newly engaged couple walked in to look at engagement rings. As with all our young customers, we spend a lot of time educating them about diamonds. We want them to have the knowledge to make the right decision and build a relationship based on trust and friendship. Happily for everyone, they found the perfect ring! As the Big Day drew closer, the bride’s family came in to find jewelry to compliment their gowns and the groom’s family selected a diamond bracelet as a gift for their future daughter-in-law. At each step of this life event, our staff was there to work with the various members of the family. In fact, we began to feel like part of the family! We were even invited to the wedding. What a happy ending! But wait… it got even better! Soon after the honeymoon, the newlyweds went to their deceased grandfather’s home to select a few pieces of furniture for their apartment. Since they are both students, it would save them money to shop “second hand.” To their utter amazement, every drawer and every cabinet were stuffed with jewelry boxes and cloth pouches full of stones. Immediately, the husband called us to make an appointment for an appraisal. He came into the store carrying a shabby old briefcase and he began to unload boxes and boxes of rough diamonds! Our mouths hung open at the sheer amount of stones he unearthed from the depths of the old briefcase. We estimated that he had over 35,000 carats! When we asked them why they chose our store to bring their windfall, they answered quite simply, “Because we trust you. You’re like family.”


By MeleCo on
Thanks for Your Story! We love the personal connection you made with the newlyweds and their families! We believe in making a joyful connection with our customers - and we see that you do as well! Best of luck working with them for years to come!

By Margaret Graniero on
CONGRATULATIONS to our iPad winner!! Thanks for sharing "Your Story"!!!!