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I have the sweetest boyfriend

I have the sweetest boyfriend in the whole world. Two weeks ago, while I was visiting him, we were in a furniture store and I found this jewelry box that I thought would be perfect to hold all of my earrings. (I have a lot of earrings.)  When I got back home I regretted that I didn't buy it when I saw it. When I told my boyfriend later, on the phone, that I really liked the box and I regretted not buying it, he was sweet enough to go back to the store and pick it up for me. When he brought it to me and I opened the box,  I was astounded at the exceptional quality of this box. And it has the perfect amount of compartments to hold all of my earrings. I have the best boyfriend in the whole world. And every time I open this box and put my earrings on, I will think of my sweet boyfriend and enjoy this box even more.  


By MeleCo on
That is really sweet of your boyfriend to pick up the jewelry box you wanted- he seems like a keeper! As a company, we have a high standard for quality and are happy to hear you viewed your box as "exceptional quality!" The many compartments of this specific jewelry box make organizing all of your earrings so easy and you can even store other types of jewelry as well. We hope you fill up your jewelry box quickly and come back to us for another one to add to your collection. Happy organizing!