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Just What I Wanted

We (my husband and I ) had to move in with my aging parents (80's) due to my father's health issues. This was a stressful move because we had a home also, so we were combining 2 homes. We had to let go of a lot of "stuff ", which is never easy. I don't consider myself a materialistic person when it comes to things, but when you have to go through things and sell them it is a different situation. One of the things there was not room for was my jewelry amoire. It was not a sentimental piece by any means, but it held a LOT of "stuff " in the large 4 drawers, top and sides. I  found your website and ordered the Empress jewelry box. I anxiously waited for it to be delivered! When it came I was VERY IMPRESSED with it! I would HIGHLY recommend this company and product!  Thank-you so much for making my move a little easier with this lovely box.


By MeleCo on
We're happy you found us and chose the Empress box to hold and organize your precious possessions. We strive to make happy memories and although this move was stressful for you, we're glad to have made it a little bit easier. Thank you for being a Mele & Co. customer!