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Leda turns her jewelry box into a dresser for her dolly's clothes

I enjoyed especially purchasing Angelica for my granddaughter Leda's fourth birthay because it plays a partof a tune from Mozart's "Magic Flute", which is my all time favorite piece of music. I was really touched whenI found this box online. I just found out that Leda sees the box as a dolly's dresser. It's a pretty creative idea!


By MeleCo on
We're happy that your granddaughter is enjoying her new jewelry box! The music and twirling ballerina inside make it extra special and we take time to select songs for each one of our children's jewelry boxes. It's very creative of her to use the jewelry box as a dresser for her doll's clothes. We hope she loves her jewelry box for many years to come. Thank you for sharing your little bit of joy with us!