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Lively Little Blue Box

I wanted to have something to carry my earrings when I walk from the bus stop to my job; it is a thirty-minute walk. I saw the Mele Jewelry Box website on the Miss Collegiate America Pageant and decided to go the website. I clicked on women's and then travel and noticed a cute blue jewelry box but it was not in stock yet. Well I asked when the item would be in stock, I was told last week of February on Wednesday and I waited. The day came but the item was still not in stock. I called and asked about the item and was told it will be in stock on Thursday and waited until that day. On Thursday, I went to the website and noticed something different, the "Coming Soon" section was not on the site and I went to the product and placed my order. I just received the item from the mailbox and LOVE IT.


By MeleCo on
We apologize that you had to check on the status of this new travel jewelry box a few times, but we're very happy it arrived and that you love it. We have many new styles that have just arrived and hope our customers enjoy these styles as much as we do! Hope you can now safely carry your earrings to and from your work. Happy organizing.