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Mele Piece Work WW II

Hello Mele & Co. friends! Sometimes a great story comes in the mail hand written to us.  We love to receive mail - and appreciate the time those of our customers who do write take to tell us their story!  This is Jeanne's story: "I received a new beautiful wood jewelry box for my 78th birthday. When I saw your company name on the box it brought back a flood of memories. When I was growing up my parents used to do "piece work" at our home.  A carton would be delivered with velvet pieces, wooden blocks and a box of glue.  We would assemble the velvet on the wood, using the glue to hold the velvet in place. When we were done, the work was shipped back, and another box would arrive.  These pieces were used in medal boxes for WW II recipients. I have no recollection as to how much money my parents earned, but I am sure whatever it was it helped. You know that it was Mele who made these medal boxes then, and I am sure now." Jeanne - thank you for this story and reminding us of some of our history!  It was a special time - we are honored to have been part of the history of our soldiers who received these amazing medals!