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My dog! My best friend.

I had a customer come in who was obviously upset. She had been crying and had a worn out Kleenex. She mentioned that she had just lost her dog and was keeping his ashes. She wanted a pet urn but I was sold out. Bad year for pets! So I suggested a decorative box of some sort, but she said it had to be beautiful. We walked by the music/jewelry boxes and she asked about those - boxes for which you could pick your own song. She wanted to hear almost every song until we found the right one. We sat on the floor and cried together as each song played. We found just the right song. Now for the box - it also had to be just right. We looked through almost ten designs until we found just the one that would remind her of her dog. Now for the picture on the top. We had many inspirational verses and pictures of dogs. None seemed to touch her, so I suggested a picture of her dog instead of an insert. She thought that was perfect, so we cried some more, and I gave her 25% off to ease the pain she was feeling. So very much meaning in one little jewelry box, but it meant the world to her that his ashes would be in such a beautiful box!


By MeleCo on
What a sweet story - and a lovely way for her to cherish the memory of her dog! This little perfect musical jewelry box will provide her with a lasting memory of her beloved pet.