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My Mail Pal

I started working as a rural carrier a couple of years ago. Last year I delivered what was to be a Christmas present, and to my surprise one day there was a flag up on a mailbox so I went to take the letter out and it happened to be a drawing on a paper plate with cotton balls as snowflakes and a thank you note on it for delivering that present that year. I wrote her a note thanking her and telling her that she put a smile on my face and that it was sweet of her to do that for me and ever since every now and then she leaves me little notes in the mailbox and I to her, so now I call her my mail pal. I thought a jewelry box would be an awesome Christmas gift to an awesome little girl. TRUE STORY!!!


By MeleCo on
Jo Ann - you are a perfect example of what we stand for, "creating joyful memories." With the connection you made with this sweet girl - you created a memory for her and for you - and one that keeps on going. It's really the little things in life that make the biggest difference - thanks for being special!