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My Story

This is Sue Hatch, Customer Service Manager at Mele & Co. and this is “My Story.” I do not have any childhood stories but I do have a lifetime of stories since I started working here 37 years ago. But don’t worry, I will only share one today. Needless to say, over the years I have purchased many jewelry boxes for family, friends and myself. I recently discovered that a jewelry box that belonged to my grandfather was made by Mele. It was metal shell case covered in burgundy faux leather. It has a fleur de lis design stamped all over. Inside there are Masonic pins, Travelers Insurance pins, tie tacks, tie bars, etc. What surprised me was that my grandfather even had a jewelry box (probably purchased for him by my grandmother). He was an active Mason, an Episcopal lay minister, an insurance agent, an avid Dodgers fan, and a meat, potatoes and gravy man. I remember him embarrassing me by singing “If You Knew Susie” and playing cribbage for hours with my dad. It brings me joy to have that box containing those treasures, connecting me to him and Mele & Co.