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My Vintage Jewelry Cache

Collecting jewelry started for me as a teenager in the 70's. Now I haunt eBay and yard sales for that vintage Avon, Sarah Coventry, etc to add to my original pieces from those sweet days! I find that a different color Mele box for each of my collections keeps the pieces nicely organized and much easier to find the jewelry I want to wear each day. Thank you for your lovely products! P.S. You may need to come out with a couple more colors in the "Maria" style! :)


By MeleCo on
We started with Maria many, many , many years ago in just one color. Wow has she stood the test of time! We have made little improvements over the years and added colors and covers - but the basic shell of Maria is as much of a win for us as it is in organizing your collections! You might want to consider upgrading to the larger Cameron or the more stylish Elaine with a glass top for your next purchase! We are sure you are not done adding jewelry to your collection so you will need a new box soon! Enjoy and please post more pictures on our Facebook page - - we would LOVE to see more of your jewelry in our Maria!