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Perfect Jewelry Box

I have wanted a beautiful jewelry box my whole life. My mother just passed away very unexpectedly and I have received some beautiful pieces of jewelry from my mother's collection. My children purchased a beautiful jewelry box for me for Christmas! I brought it home last night - Christmas Day evening - and began cleaning out all of the little boxes and jars that everything was in for many years. Oh, my goodness I had so many special pieces that have been given to me by family and friends throughout my life. I had forgotten about my First Communion pearls, my high school graduation bracelet from Portugal from my grandparents, my beautiful hand engraved bracelet from my Aunt who passed away ten years ago, the pearl earrings I wore when I got married 38 years ago, etc. As I pulled everything out and began the process of finding the special place for each piece, all of the wonderful memories came flooding back to me! My mother's passing has made me very emotional, and in a mysterious way looking at all of my jewelry and adding the beautiful jade and pearl pieces of my mother's was comforting. When I woke up this morning and saw the jewelry so neatly arranged in my new jewel box, it made me grateful to my beautiful son for giving it and helping me make Christmas 2013 memories. You see our last name is Mele, so the jewelry box is even more magical because it carries our name! Thank you for bringing me great joy Mele & Co. Happy New Year to anyone who reads this! Sincerely, J. Mele


By MeleCo on
We are so sorry for your loss J. Mele. It gives us joy to know that in our small way our Mele & Co. jewelry box is actually bringing you wonderful family thoughts and memories. From your son, your mom, your First Communion, your grandparents in Portugal, the earrings you wore when you got married and more - every flooding memory that came back to you from your connection with your Mele & Co. - you are a cherished customer to us! Thank you!! (And your name - what a coincidence!!)