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Replacement Ballerina

My experience with Mele & Co. was unbelievable!!!  I was truly desperate to find a replacement ballerina for my granddaughter’s jewelry box, and I searched the internet for one.  Even though I did not buy a Mele & Co. box, I figured that I had nothing to lose by contacting your company for a replacement.  Gina was so kind - I really thought that she would not answer my email once she realized that the box was from another company.Not only did she find the PERFECT replacement, she also mailed it within the day!!  My six-year-old granddaughter was thrilled!!!  Her three-year-old sister had broken her ballerina, and she was heartbroken - this was her first “big girl” present.  Your company absolutely created a joyful experience, and I am now certain that I will buy a Mele & Co. box for my other granddaughter when she is older.


By MeleCo on
We are so happy to be able to make your experience finding a ballerina for your granddaughter's jewelry box an easy one! Thank you for thinking of us when your granddaughter is older and needs a new jewelry box. If you're even looking for a gift, we also have jewelry and watch organizers for men and women too! Thank you for sharing your joy with us.