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A Vintage Find

I walked into a thrift shop today and found a beautiful Mele travel jewelery box. I'm pretty sure it's vintage, probably from the 60's maybe 70's I have no idea. But I love the outer shell of it which is a dusty Rose suede fabric. Inside on the bottom right corner of the lid it says Mele. So I figured that was the brand of which it was made. I love vintage pieces so of course I had to purchase it. This is the photo I took when I brought it home with all my earrings in it.


By MeleCo on
Melissa we made so, so, so many of these boxes over the years!! Today we make a version of this box called the Maria - one of our best sellers! Of course our 2014 Maria does not have the vintage flair you want - but check Maria out and keep an eye out for a vintage one - Maria has stood the test of time and has been with us for what seems like forever - vintage ones are out there! Thank you for the picture - we love it! If you can add it to our Facebook page we would love to share it with our Facebook Friends too! Good luck with your next thrift store treasure hunt!