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Vintage Jewel Case

I was recently shopping at an antique shop and came across this gorgeous jewelry case. I immediately knew it was something special, and priced at only 20$ I felt it was a steal!! It is in perfect condition all around. The inside is a yellow "crush resistant" velvet that is just beautiful and it even came with the original tag! The only thing missing is the key for the top lock. I am curious to know what year this case was made. I have been searching the internet for it or similar cases but have not found any answers. Any help in identifying the details of this wonderful case would be very much appreciated! I adore this jewelry case!!!


By MeleCo on
We're so happy you found a vintage Mele jewelry box and that it's still in great condition! We take pride in making sure our products are made with high standards and are happy to hear the jewelry box still looks beautiful. We believe this jewelry box would have been made in the mid 1960s. Enjoy your new vintage jewelry box and hope it holds many special treasures for years to come.